Upcoming show 10.13.18

Hi everybody

Check out the event info for a new show I'm curating in Chicago at beans gallery on W Fullerton.

Super stoked to be working with more great artists again to put on an awesome show

Click here for the details

Working away

So there hasn't been an official piece put out, but I'm working on a skateboard deck show and getting super stoked about it. Here are a few pics and don't forget to follow me on instagram to see all the updates.


Work In Progress - February

So welcome to my blog, and more importantly, welcome to my new monthly update. I can't promise it will be done the first day of the month going forward, but it will be in the first part of the month. It is my way to let all of you know what I am working on, what is on the horizon, and what to look forward to. So take a look...


* Starting work on a new project with a gallery (to be announced soon) to bring a skateboard deck show with artists from across the country to the NW Suburbs.

  • I have always wanted to do something as an homage to my love of skateboarding. I knew a lot of people put together skate deck shows and I wasn't sure if it was somthing that I wanted to do, but now I have decided what a perfect time to do it. I found a kindred spirit who was totally excited about doing a show, and now I am in the process of sourcing the boards, lining up artists, coming up with a cohesive curtorial look and feel, and in general planning out the whole thing. The tentative date is in the first part of June, and it should be a total blast. Keep watching for more updates and look below for some pics of what's going on with it.

* Framing out some new pieces that I have been working on.

* Taking some new risks and meeting with some new venues to show my pieces...more to come...

a deck given to me by uprise skate shop...it's old and used and warped and cracked...so it's perfect

a deck given to me by uprise skate shop...it's old and used and warped and cracked...so it's perfect

after sanding down the deck

after sanding down the deck


some inspiration work for skate decks 

My most recent 100 Day Project

On my personal non artist Instagram, I have been working on my 100 Day Project for 2017. It is an exploration of deserted, abandoned or empty spaces. Originally intended to be reference images, these photos took on a life of their own apart from their original intent.

If you have a few minutes, check out my feed...or look up #bwproject2017ruff to see them all.


New Work and Site Redesign

As the holidays approach, I'm hard at work with my new circles project as well as a redesign of my site. As the weeks go on, you may see pieces moving to new areas or disappearing. Have no fear, they will come back and hoping better than before.

Until then, here is where I'm at currently on my circles project. Email or DM me on Facebook or Instagram with any inquiries.


New work...

Starting on some new pieces that really are a complete departure from my more recent work. Putting all the skills I've developed recently to the test. These are all works in progress but I'm really enjoying the process and progress so far...


30 X 30 in progress  


Detail of 30 X 30


Detail of 30 X 30


Set of  four  8 X 8 in progress 


Detail of 8 X 8


Detail of 8 X 8

Upcoming show

Come see my new show at the Martini Room in Elgin, IL (www.martiniroomelgin.com)opening November 15th.

Here are a few teaser pics.



I've been slacking on posting here.  But here's a little glimpse of a couple pieces I've been playing with.  Just some scraps from a building site turned into art...


1/19 - south carolina flags

here are two versions of the south carolina state flag. this is part of a project building flags from around the country. these two are already sold, but i will be making more soon. please contact me at ruffcreator@gmail.com for more information on how you can have one of these awesome reclaimed wood flags on your wall.